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  • Phonto is a simple application that allows you to add text to pictures.

    ★ More than 200 fonts are available.
    ★ You can install other fonts.
    ★ Text size is changeable.
    ★ Text color is changeable.
    ★ Text shodow is changeable.
    ★ Text is rotatable.
    ★ Text stroke color and width is changeable.
    ★ Text background color is changeable.
    ★ Letter spacing is changeable
    ★ Line spacing is changeable

    Note: Don't install this app if you expect Phonto for iOS. Phonto for Android doesn't have all equivalent features to the Phonto for iOS.

    Too large image could cause the app to crash. You should enable 'Medium' or 'Small' image size setting.

    How to install fonts

    1. Download font file from online. To search font, just google "FREE FONT".
    2. Open font file (***zip, ***ttf, ***.otf) in Phonto.

    NOTE: Don’t forget to check out font license before installing.

    Ad-Free option
    Ad-Free option removes all advertisements from Phonto. If you want to buy this option, please go to "Settings" in Phonto and tap "Ad-Free Option".

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