Stone Age Begins

Stone Age Begins

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Stone Age Begins
The Return of the No.1 RPG

★ Massive Stone Age Begins Update ★

[Mythical Mecha Pets update]
- New Mythical Mecha Pets Update!
- See the new Horkakibot and Mecha Nordor for yourself!

[New and Updated Content]
- PFM-300 is Now Open
- Returning Player Event
- New Pet Costume System
- New Meld System

<< About the Game >>

▶ Capture Your Pets ◀
- Collect the Pets that YOU want.
- Capture Pets during battle and tame them.

▶ My Kind of Pet ◀
- Level up stronger and faster with the Growth Rate system
- To customize and strengthen your Pets!

▶ Real-time Conquest ◀
- Partic...

Tính năng mới Stone Age Begins

- New Mythical Pet (Mecha Mogaros) - New Heroic Pet (Kaenger) - Add the Blacksmith System - Improvement on Arena (PVP)

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2.3.3 and up

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