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What’s New:

● Bruce Lee - The legendary Kung-Fu master joins the fray. Assume control of him as you unleash devastating kicks on unsuspecting foes!

● Heroes Evolved TV - Watch your favorite Heroes Evolved streamers from websites like YouTube, Twitch.tv, Bigo and more, directly from inside the game!

● 2017 HEC - Heroes Evolved Championship returns, bringing competition an...

Tính năng mới Heroes Evolved

- Brand new and exclusively authorized hero - Bruce Lee. - Brand new 7v7 game mode. - Players can now review detailed match records. - Added a Jewel recommendation feature to the Jewel and Glyph system. - Added an observer delay feature to custom lobby. Observers can now pause the ongoing match and save replays. - Added a report function to the World Chat. - Optimized the Ranked Match panel. - Adjusted game balance. - Fixed known bugs.

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3.0 and up

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