Gravity Island - Shiro's Adventure

Gravity Island - Shiro's Adventure

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Mô tả Gravity Island - Shiro's Adventure

Gravity Island is a charming, enchanting 2D platform game that is easy for people of all ages to play, but difficult to master. Gravity Island offers an unrivaled adventure—are you coming along?

Press quotes:

„The shortness of each level means you can pick up Gravity Island for a quick five minute session, while the challenging and well-designed levels should hook puzzle fans for a lengthy commute.” – Editorial staff at


- Meet Shiro, an unbelievably cute adventurer
- Loveable, charming 2D platform game
- 80 levels, each with a unique style
- Explore four diverse worlds
- The fantastic sound...

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61.01 Mb
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Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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