Incredipede 1.74

Incredipede 1.74

Size : 29M Mb

Version: 1.74

Req: 3.0 and up

Latest update: 30.11.-0001

Version 1.74 - fix password fields (still sometimes can't see yourself type with 3rd party keyboards)

Version 1.73 - integrate the Android back button

Version 1.71 - fixed bug when loading user levels

Version 1.70 - fixed bug that prevented levels from loading when music was muted

Version 1.69 - obey mute button, nicer buttons, remove pc references, potential startup crash fix

Version 1.68 - disable Menu Transitions by default

The description of Incredipede

"If you've ever felt that Dr Frankenstein’s career path was for you then Incredipede will have you laughing maniacally with joy for hours on end" - Indie Game Magazine "A physics based game done right" - Total Biscuit GAMEPLAY Incredipede is a puzzle game that celebra... see more
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