Retroboy 2.5.2

Retroboy 2.5.2

Size : 775k Mb

Version: 2.5.2

Req: 2.3.3 and up

Latest update: 02.05.2018

Version 2.4.0-2.5.2. * Various minor enhancements and bugfixes. . Version 2.3.0. * New PXL-2000 PixelVision filter. Please drop us an email if you own a PXL-2000 and would like to help us tune the filter.. . Version 2.2.2. * Added exposure compensation. * Improved low-light performance. . Version 1.6.1. * Fixed issue with preview not starting on Galaxy S2/S3/Tab

The description of Retroboy

Retroboy provides vintage imaging technology not seen since the digital cameras and monochrome screens of the previous century. A series of real time filters implement various image processing algorithms, to emulate the graphic experience of classic hardware. This app is open source and pull request... see more
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