Z Hunter 0.0.72

Z Hunter 0.0.72

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Version: 0.0.72


Latest update: 16.12.2018

• Added Trick or Treat Halloween event!. • Added 2 new survivors - Quinn and Hollow, obtainable through Halloween Event.. • Added details and try feature for all Survivors, players can now see the detailed information and try out survivors they haven't rescued.. • Improved some of the UI and feature icons.. . Bug Fix:. • Fixed a bug where some packs cannot be purchased. . • Fixed a bug where players did not receive Skull Coin after fighting a boss..

The description of Z Hunter

《Z Hunter》is a singleplayer and multiplayer turn-based survival RPG game, set during the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, this game brings you the thrills and horror of surviving attempt in an apocalyptic event.After a mysterious virus obliterated most of the world population and turned... see more
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